Leo's opened in November 2019 on a First Thursday, which was probably unwise given the hordes, but we got through that and settled into things nicely.

Leo is an actual person, an eight year old nephew of one of the Max's of Max Bagels (inside which Leo's is ambitiously shoehorned). He drew the Leo's logo himself.

Why did we open Leo's? It felt like there was space for another wine bar in Cape Town (we think there could be 10 more, frankly) and wanted to use our knowledge and access to get hold of exceptional wines that aren't always easy to find.

The bar is small, but we have a great little outside area on Bree street - and it has been said that the four seater inside (or a seat at the bar) can be reserved with some sweet talking.

We operate from Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm - 11(ish), serving a selection of South Africa's most interesting wines. 

We focus on smaller producers, mainly those who employ low intervention approaches in the vineyard and the cellar, but often feature bigger and more conventionally made wines too.

South Africa is one of the world's best wine producing regions and we're spoilt for choice, really. SA's fine wine is arguably the world's best value, too.

What else? We host tastings and wine club evenings such as the very cool Naughty Water pop up, and we welcome customers bringing their own wines for a small corkage. With some planning, you can also take over the bar if you've got an event in mind.

Basically, you're welcome. We love wine and we'd love you to come and enjoy some with us. x