Join our wine club and become part of ... our wine club.

Now why would I do such a thing?

Being a member means receiving a monthly box of our favourite wines that changes in tune with the seasons. Reds, whites, oranges and fizz of various descriptions. Maybe the odd bottle of cider. You'll always have great wine at home and to flex with at parties.

Keep talking...

Along with a tidy selection of the latest and best low intervention wines out there, the curated wine boxes will feature rare project wines - made in collaboration with our favourite winemakers and exclusive to Leo's.

I need more...

Members will also get 10% off all other purchases of wine and merch on the online store! (Email us when you’ve signed up for your unique code)

How much are we talking? And what if I live outside of Cape Town?

Membership is available countrywide and includes free shipping!