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R 595.00

We like to keep a strong selection natural wines behind the bar and have spent the past couple of years dialing in to who's making the best stuff in South Africa. This box will celebrate them - and keep you quenched and in tune.

The box will change monthly based on the best local natural stuff out there while keeping step with the seasons.

This is a growing scene and there are natural wines of serious quality being added to the local repertoire.

Available once-off or as a monthly subscription!

What is a natural wine?

This is a fascinating subject - and a bit of a can of worms. But to cut a long story short,  a natural wine is one with 'nothing added and nothing taken away', which we (and the French regulators) take to mean one made from organically or biodynamically-farmed grapes, which are hand picked and fermented with their own wild yeasts. The wines are bottled with no enzymes and without filtration and receive little or no added sulphur before going into bottle. There is a lively debate around this internationally and it takes some insider knowledge to know which producers are working naturally and which are just saying they are for the kudos. It's not easy to farm or to vinify this way, but the rewards both environmentally and in terms of wine vibrancy are well worth it to those doing it right. Identifying and featuring the best exponents out there is part of the reason we're offering this box.